Month: July 2018

LAB IX – RIPv2 -> OSPF Case Study

Building a use case from the CCDP FLG:


  • Each site has two links to their HQ (top) via WAN (Prio) and Internet ( backup ).
  • Internet and WAN connectivity goes over multipoint GRE tunnels to the sites with static NHRP mappings.
  • Cost of Internet links are increased so they’re used as backup links.
  • Backbone area configured over WAN and Internet

Building the LAB:

OSPF Design

Building the Backbone:

Adding the tunnel interface and NHRP mappings on the WAN Hub Router (R1):

And we have some routing on the Hubs:

[DC] Unified Computing Systems ( UCS )

UCS Physical Infrastructure

  •  Fabric Interconnect  ( 6248UP )
    • 32x Fixed unified ports: 1/10 GE or 1/2/4/8 FC
    • Expansion Module
    • Run in an Active / Active state for the dataplane
    • Run in a clustered Active/Passive state for the management
    • Connected to the UCS Chassis
    • Managed via UCSM or Cli (NX-OS)

  •  UCS Chassis
    • 6U Chassis, 32″Deep
    • Passive backplane
    • 8x Half width blades
    • 4x Full width blades
    • Everything is managed by the Fabric Interconnects.

Connecting the Fabric Interconnects to the LAN and SAN:



[DC] FC / FCoE

FCoE is short for Fibre Channel over Ethernet.

Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) solves the problem of organizations having to run parallel network infrastructures for their local area networks (LANs) and their storage area networks (SANs). As a result, they have to operate separate switches, host bus adapters (HBAs), network interface cards (NICs) and cables for each of these networks. Even utilizing a virtualization solution like VMware can actually increase the number of network adapters required to carry traffic out of the servers.


  • FIP – FCOE Initialization Protocol
  • FLOGI – Fabric login
  • FcF – FibreChannel Forwarder
  • FSPF – FibreChannel Shortest Path First
FC PortNameDescrption
N_PortNode PortEnd Device
F_PortFabric PortSwitch Port
L_PortLoop PortLoop Topo, End Device
NL_PortNode Loop PortN Port voor arbitrated loop ToPo
FL_PortFabric Loop PortAllows loops to connect to Fabric
E_PortExpansion PortSwitch to Switch connectivity ( ISL )
G_PortGeneric PortAllows auto config on the switch
B_PortBridge PortFC WAN Gateway Port
U_PortUniversal PortAUTO E, F, or FL Port