Category: Redistribution

IPv6 iGP redistribution

Similarities to IPv4

  • Redistribution takes routes from the IP routing table, not from the iGP databases.
  • Route maps can be used for filtering, metrics, route tags.
  • Admnistrative distance has not changed.
  • Options to prevent routing loops; Administrative distance, route tags, filtering.
  • Syntax is the same.

Differences to IPv4

  • Supported “match” commands in route-maps vary on iGP
    • OSPF/RIP cannot match op “route-type” with a Route-map
      • EIGRP has no problems using “route-type”
    • Route-map matching IPv6 ACLs must have IPv6 prefix as source portion and “any” as destination of ACL.
  • IPv6 redistribute connected does not include interfaces running the iGP;
    • redistribute include-connected




Route Redistribution and Loops

  • One link within each routing domain
  • Working routing config for each routing domain
  • Redistribution configuration between routing protocols
    • Mutual redistribution
    • Bi-directional redistribution

Redistribution into EIGRP