BGP Message types

BGP message types

New relation between two BGP peers:

  • Open
    • type 1
    • Version4 (ipv4), AS#, Hold time, Router-iD, parameters.

  • Update
    • type 2
    • Informs neighbors about withdrawn routes, changed routes, new routes.
    • Used to exchange PAs and the Network Layer Reachability Information (NLRI).

(When adding the on Router2 loopback2, and adding the network in the BGP config:)

  • Notification
    • type 3
    • Used to signal a BGP error. Typically resets the neighbor
  • Keepalive
    • type 4
    • Just the BGP header

BGP table / Commands

show ip bgp
show ip bgp neighbor advertised-routes
show ip bgp neighbor received-routes
show ip bgp neighbor routes
show ip bgp sum

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