• Transition technique designed to allow native IPv6 hosts to access IPv4-only content.
    • (Translation technique not a tunneling technique).
  • Primarily used to allow v6 hosts to initiate connections to IPv4 content.
    • Mechanisms do exist to allow the reverse.
  • Stateful and stateless versions.
    • stateful can use any prefix
    • stateless has restriction on prefix

NAT64 and DNS64 co-existance.

  1. IPv6 host sends AAAA DNS Query
  2. DNS64 server tries AAAA lookup and fails
  3. DNS64 server successfully resolves IPv4 address
  4. DNS64 server generates AAAA DNS response of <IPv6 prefix:IPv4 adress> and sends it back to the client.

  • A specific IPv6 prefix must be allocated to represent addresses that will be translated by NAT64
  • There are two names:
    • Well-known prefix:   64::ff9b::/96    (not routable)
    • Network Specific prefix ( NSP ) derived from global IPv6 Prefix


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