Datacenter Design II (Blades, Scaling, Bandwidth)

Blade Server design

  • Overleg with the server team connectivity.
  • Many blade servers enter de “enterprise switch” market with an integrated switch.
  • Pass-through cabling or integrated switches.
  • Significant impact on power – cooling – weight.

Connecting the blade to the network

  • If you use the integrated blade switch, use a layer3 access layer.
  • Avoid a double Layer 2 design:
    •  [Layer 2 on the access layer] connected to a [layer 2 domain within the bladeswitch].
  • If you use passthrough, use a layer2 or layer3 access layer.

Scaling the Datacenter Architecture

Items to consider when choosing an access layer platform

  • Stackable / Modular configuration
  • Cabling design consideration
  • Cooling requirements
  • Power requirement
  • Equipment Density
  • Resiliency Support
  • 10G / 40G uplink support


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