• eBGP ad  20
  • iBGP  ad 200
  • BGP uses TCP port 179
  • Designed as an Exterior gateway Protocol.

  • Advertises, learns, chooses best paths inside the internet.
  • Only BGP can handle the large sum of routes (currently 650k in the ipv4 route table).
    • Can be used for large enterprise networks where iGP can’t work.
  • Uses a best-path algorithm.
  • Chooses the best path using this algorithm.
  • Best path selection based on multiple criteria.
  • Only installs one route in the route table, unlike iGP where they will add multiple and loadbalance.
  • Path-vector similair to distance vector, via path attributes.
  • Scalability > fast convergence.
  • NLRI ( Network Layer Reachablity Information ).

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