Policy Based Routing

  • PBR intercepts packets before regular routing
  • PBR overwrites the router’s natural destination
  • PBR is tied to route-maps
    • Define the match criteria
    • Define the action for the packets
  •  Packet forwarding
    • Outgoing interface
    • IP Next-Hop


  • Define an ACL
  • Configure route-map
    •  Match the ACL
    • Apply set paramets
      • Set ip next-hop
      • set ip default next-hop    (default routing first, else if nexthop)
      • set interface fa0/0
      • set default interface fa0/0      (default routing first, else if nexthop)
  • Apply PBR to incoming interface
  • ip policy route-map
    •  ingress feature on interface
  • IP precedence
    • set ip precedence (value)
  • ToS
    • set ip tos (value)

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