Hierarchical Design – (Campus Core , Distribution, Access)


  • Redundant supervisors, power supplies, uplink connections, FHRP, Stackwise.
  • Dedicated to meeting the functions of end-device connectivity.
  • First layer of defense in the network security architecture.
  • First point of Negotiation between end devices and network infrastructure.
  • Feature rich because of the various devices connected to it.
    • Security, QOS, policy trust boundry functions.


  • Redundant paths, layer3 load sharing, dynamic routing, FHRP.
  • Aggregation point for all access nodes.
  • Connectivity and policies for traffic-flows within a single access-distribution block (east-west traffic flows).
  • Aggregation, policy control, isolation demarcation points between campus distribution blocks. ( north-south traffic flows).
  • Configuration choices often depend on the requirements of the access layer.


  • Highest speed and failover.
  • Dedicated to providing nonstop connectivity across the entire network.
  • Always on mode ( 7x24x365).
  • Provides the appropriate level of redundancy.
  • he core layer serves as the aggregator for all the other campus.
    blocks and ties together the campus with the rest of the network.
  • A sperate core layer isnt needed for a small network <300 users (Collapsed core design).


  • The advantage of the modular blocks due to the isolation it can provide.
    • Failures that occur within a module can be isolated from the rest of the network.
  • Modular blocks offers repeatable design standards.
    • When one module is missing capacity it can be updated or replaced by a new block with the same structured role.
  • A campus network can have multiple different modules ( Building blocks / places in the network PINs).


  • Control plane flexibility
  • Forwarding plane flexibility
  • User group flexibility
  • Traffic management and control flexibility
  • flexibility to support multitenancy and traffic isolation requirements

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